The Forest and The Trees-ZenMoon

Tuesday, July 7, 20151:35 AM(View: 8135)
The Forest and The Trees-ZenMoon
The Forest and The Trees

Stay focus on the life path to Nirvana. One may study and live with the Dharma in any surrounding and under all life circumstances. It is essential to be vigilant and not fall into the trappings of the metaphor "Unable to see the forest for the trees." There are a myriad of means to facilitate the study and practice of the Dharma. It is vital to not be caught in the whirlwind of the concrete words and the varied conveyance methods.
"Be vigilant and not fall into the trappings of the metaphor "Unable to see the forest for the trees."

It is critical to not let the concrete agent distract from the transmission of The Teaching. Watching "Kumano" reminds me the importance of remaining centered and living in the Dharma. All outer circumstances are merely facilitors to practice The Teaching.  It is essential to not get distracted by the apparatus of transmission nor be stuck in the machinery of mechanical practice.  

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 Zen Moon
 July 7, 2015

"Kumano is a region in Japan where Shugendo, the Way of ascetic training and testing in holy mountains, has been practised for over a thousand years."

KUMANO - 熊野 from Mathieu Le Lay on Vimeo.

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