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Sunflowers by Diana Zen Watercolor on Shuen Xuan Paper
Sunflowers--By Diana Zen
Zen Moon. Copyright and Trademark
Watercolor on Double Shuen/Xuan Paper
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Spring tulips in bloom.
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"Live each moment meaningfully, so that it shall further the journey toward Nirvana."
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"The Karmic world is a closed system and while inside it we shall not escape our own doings."
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"I paint to manifest what words cannot express."-Diana Zen, ZenMoon
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May there be peace on earth and Inner Peace within everyone's heart.--ZenMoon
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Unlike the physical lotus bloom, at our own full-bloom of Enlightenment, we are longer confined within the cyclic existence of birth and death.-ZenMoon
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Season's Greetings for Inner Light and Peace Within for all creatures on earth.--ZenMoon
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"I paint to manifest what words cannot express."--ZenMoon
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A New Year and a new beginning...
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Watercolor on double Shuen/Xuan paper